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Proliant DL380 G7 power-up without pushing a button after a graceful shutdown.

I have a system with a R5500 UPS and DL380 G7 servers.  I understand how HPPM (management server and remote agent) will allow a graceful shutdown. My question is:


Is a configuration change necessary on the server to allow a power-up of the server when the UPS gives power back to its load segment (after a prolonged power outage where HPPM caused a graceful shutdown)? Or is the graceful shutdown done by HPPM different from manually doing a Windows shutdown, so it leaves the hardware ready to fire-up as soon as power comes back?


The only way that I know to power-up a machine after a graceful shutdown is to manually press the power button.


My question may seem stupid, but I really want to make sure I have every piece of the puzzle before submitting a plan and testing it. Please don't tell me to read the HPPM user guide: I have read it and didn't find my answer.

Who Me Too'd this topic