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HP Storage Expert Day - July 24/25

Looking for inspiration and knowledge to solve challenging issues that you come across in your everyday life as a Storage Administrator, IT professional or User? There is nothing that beats getting in touch with an HP expert.


Mark your Calendar - July 24th, 7am EDT / 12pm GMT through July 25th, 7am EDT / 12pm GMT


What is an Expert Day?


An Expert Day is an event when HP product team members and other employees join our online HP Support Forums to answer your toughest technical questions, even for products that are out of warranty. Expert Days give you a chance to talk directly with the people who designed and made the HP products you’re using, or who wrote the manuals for them.

This event has been called the “Super Bowl” of expert assistance, providing you with a day of free access to a wealth of internal and external technical experts.  We always have employees, called HP Ambassadors (signified by the Pro label) on the forums, but on Expert Day, our Ambassadors are joined by many other HP employees to help get your problems resolved.


Why should you come to HP Storage Expert Day?


Whether you own a 3PAR StoreServ, StoreVirtual Storage System, StoreOnce Backup, EVA, MSA, or Disk Enclosure, there has never been a better chance to learn about your product.

When do you have a chance to talk directly with the people who designed the product or wrote the manual for it?

This is your chance to connect with the best and brightest minds at HP for free.



We’ll share our knowledge on the best ways to:


     * Troubleshoot the Storage issue you are having;
     * Hardware and Software Compatibility issues;
     * Planning, Installation, Setup and Configuration;
     * Part number identification;
     * OS compatibility, Software solutions;
     * Tape Drives, Autoloaders, Libraries or Backup Solutions;
     * Diagnostic Tools, Utilities, Error Codes, LEDs and Log Analysis;
     * Choose the right storage box, Backup Device/Application or add the right amount of Storage Space;
     * Use the tools built into your Storage that can make it run better and fix common problems;


It doesn’t matter how old the Storage Device is or what it is connected to. We will do our best to help.


How do Expert Day events work?



Come to any Storage forum and post your questions. Dozens of experts will be standing by in the discussion forums and will do their best to answer your questions. They may need to get some more information from you so please check the box "email me when someone replies."  An online conversation will be born!


If you need assistance using the forum, there are tips and tricks here.


Access our HP Guided Troubleshooting Guide online for assistance in resolving any technical issues on your own. Review the HP Guided Troubleshooting for Storage and have a chance to provide feedback/suggestion directly to the HP Knowledge Management team during the HP Storage Expert Day.







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