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discovery bladechassis -> change rack = Association removal



We have several racks with muliple c-series blade chassis. The chassis are not 'connected' and thus have dedicated OA's. The OA's have been configured with the correct racknames.

When discovering the chassis in SIM, only the first chassis is identified with the correct rackname. The others are discovered to be in rack "rackname_chassisserial".

I corrected this by removing the chassis from "rackname_chassisserial" rack , deleting that rack and addding the  chassis to the correct rack in  HP SIM.


Multiple tests showed this causes SIM to trigger "Association Removal" upon next identification. When neglicting the warnings, the OA is eventually removed from the chassis.

1) is this desired behaviour?

2) how could I resolve? Of course the OA's are intended to stay linked to the chassis!



Who Me Too'd this topic