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Problems assigning Insight licenses in SIM 7.2

Having some issues getting Insight licenses applied to servers in SIM 7.2


I've used the license manager to add the licenses and I now have 3 Insight licenses installed with all showing as available.


I select one of the licenses and click the "Apply License" button. Then I select one of the servers (A DL380 running Hyper-V) as the target. There are no errors and "Tool Launch OK" is "yes". I then click "Next"


The Apply License screen appears down the bottom with the server name listed with all details correct. I select the system using the check box and click "Apply License Now".


The screen refreshes to exactly how it looked before clicking the "Apply License Now" button and the system status is "Unlicensed". There are no errors or messages.


I can even go through the process of selecting the system again and clicking "Apply License Now" and exactly the same thing happens. I can't actually get to apply the license.


I already have 2 servers licensed using the same method. I had no issues with these 2 so I don't get why the new ones would be any different.


Has anyone got any thoughts or seen this before?



Who Me Too'd this topic