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BladeSystem Virtual Connect
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Upgrade of VC Firmware to 3.75 results in UNSUPPORTED External Uplink Port status!

I have a C7000 (OA Firmware = 3.71) with 2 FlexFab 10G/24 modules.  I used VCSU 1.81 to upgrade firmware in these in these modules from 3.18 to 3.75.   Upgrade appeared to go smoothly.


However, my blades have lost network connectivity and when I login to VC domain I now see my External uplink Ports staus as Critical   and the PORT status is listed as Unsupported. 


Port is Bay 1, X3, Port role is now listed as "N/A", Port Status is "Unsupported 0MB", Connector type is SFP-DAC.


Anyh ideas why a formware upgrade would result in a External Uplink Port changing status to Unsupported?


Thanks in advace... Julius


Who Me Too'd this topic