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Enabling RAID5 on B120i in ML310e Gen8 v2

I bought a ProLiant ML310e Gen8 v2 E3-1240v3 server (712328-031) and 4 x 4TB HDD (693687-B21). However, it seems that in order to enable RAID 5 support, a Flash-Based Write Cache module is needed.

So in accordance with the "Related Options" section in the Quickspecs for the on-board B120i controller, I bought a 512MB FBWC (631922-B21). However, there appears to be no socket on the motherboard to insert the FBWC card into. The instructions show only the card's battery module attaching to a PCIe controller. Am I missing something?

Can someone please enlighten me as to how to enable RAID 5 support on this machine? Did I buy the wrong FBWC? Is the only solution to buy a PCIe Array Controller instead of using the on-board B120i? To avoid changing the drives I would need one with SATA support but all the controllers I found are SAS only. Any help or advice would be much appreciated!




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