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Error:unable to start HPSUMserver session on remote Linux target

Tjebbe was looking for help in updating his servers:




We have installed the correct HPSUM-RPM and now we are able to discover the system.

We have select the correct bundle of the latest SPP 2013-09-0(B)

HP Service Pack for ProLiant bundle, located in /hp/swpackages containing:

Linux firmware and software smart component

And what we see is that we are only able to upgrade the Linux firmware components and not the Linux drivers and agents.




Info from Kim:




HP SUM 5.3.5 will only show the components that are available for deployment. Since you are running on Windows, HP SUM will only show the Linux FW components as HP  SUM for Windows cannot deploy rpms to Linux targets. You’ll have to run HP SUM 5.3.5 on a Linux system to deploy SW/ rpms to remote Linux targets. Additionally, the recently released HP SUM 6.0.0 does have the ability to deploy both FW and SW/rpms to remote Linux nodes from a Windows system. Here is the support matrix for HP SUM 6.0.:




So you have a choice as to how to proceed – use HP SUM 6.0.0 or use HP SUM 5.3.5 on a system running Linux.




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