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ML350p G8 Hotswap and Power

Hi People,


I have picked up a nice new ML350p with the following:


HP ProLiant ML350p G8 5U Tower Server - 1 x Intel Xeon E5-2620 2GHz - 2 Processor Support - 8 GB Standard/192 GB Maximum RAM - DVD-Reader - Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) RAID Supported Controller - Gigabit Ethernet


Not really played around with HP hardware so thought I would ask some basic questions.


If i had 4 hard disks in two RAID1 

Can i simply pull out one of the disks while the server is live and put the same drive back in?  How does the server typically act when this happens?  

If I had a disk die on me and I pull it out and replace with new, how does the server typically react?


We also purchased a second power supply, can these be pulled out and replaced live?  What would you typically expect the server to do?


Sorry, very silly questions but prefer to ask in advance of it being required.


Thanks for help

Who Me Too'd this topic