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DL380p Gen8 Dual Boot

I have ESXi 5.0 installed on Array A/Logical Drive 1 (4 physical drives, bays 1-4) of the embedded P420i array controller.  I have just added 4 additional physical drives (bays 5-8) and created Array B/Logical Drive 2.  I would like to install ESXi 5.1 on this second logical drive and be able to dual-boot to either one.  


What is the best method to install ESXi 5.1 on this second drive while keeping the first drive intact?  Intelligent Provisioning, manual install of HP image, something else?  Also, the boot order settings allow the array controller to be set as one of the boot options.  But I don't see how to further specify which logical drive on the array is specifically used?


Any information and other tips will be appreciated, thanks!

Who Me Too'd this topic