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DP - Support Tip - iPC Write Error

Backup session gets below error message.


[Major] From:BSM@host "Daily_Full" Time: 21/06/2012 11:37:15
[61:3003] Lost connection to Unknown named "noname" on host
Ipc subsystem reports: "IPC Write Error System error: [10053] Software caused connection abort



This occurs after the BSM has connected to INET but before the MSG_OPTIONS is sent to the INET. The INET then times out and the connection is closed by INET.


This seems to start occurring with DP 6.21 and 7.x


After installing the latest DP 6.21 patches (August 2012) or DP version 7.01, it is now often needed to set omnirc OB2INETTIMEOUT=60 or 120. Default value of OB2INETTIMEOUT is 5 seconds.


Workaround / Fix



to the omnirc file on all involved clients



            Program Files -> Omniback -> omnirc Windows 2003

           Program Data -> Omniback -> omnirc Windows 2008


On Windows servers, after editing the 'omnirc' file, the Data Protector iNET service needs to be stopped and restarted

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