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RIBCL syntax for Storage information of Gen8 server



I am confused about using RIBCL to get server information.


When I use iLO 4 web interface (firmware version 1.30), I can get Storage Information (section Server information) with two types of view: Logical view and Physical view.

- Logical view: i can only get all logical drive with its "configured physical drives", none of "unconfigured physical drive" appeare.

- Physical view: get all configured and unconfigured physical drives, none of logical drive appeare.


When I use scripting tool with RIBCL, the XML file input contains key "<GET_ALL_STORAGE/>" and the respone only show "Logical view" output, means I can not get all unconfigured physical drives.


I wonder how to get the result with "Physical view", is there some key in XML syntax? (e.g. <GET_ALL_STORAGE physical_view="y" />)?


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