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System error: [10054] Connection reset by peer: Error received when backing up VM in VMware

I am attempting to restore a VMDK to a local drive to mount and get a file from it.  I get the following error about 40-50GB into the restore:



From: RSM@<name>.com "" Time: 2/11/2014 1:25:44 PM


61:3003] Lost connection to OB2BAR restore DA named ""

on host <name>.com.

Ipc subsystem reports: "IPC Read Error

System error: [10054] Connection reset by peer


I am running DP 7.03 on Server 2008R2.  I have restored VMs in the past, but no VMDKs this big.  I suspect I may need to adjust something in the omnirc file?


Any insights would be appreciated.





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