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MSM710 Public Access

I've been having trouble getting my MSM710 to work. It used to have access control on without requiring html authentication.


We decided to turn on html authentication but turned it off immediately when we realized that the default Android browsers don't like the re-direct.


Since we've done this we just cannot connect through Wifi. We authenticate WPA2, get an IP and can browse to the controller but we cannot get a single website past it.


Here's our setup.


MSM710 connected to the main POE switch. LAN port is set statically with the gateway being the Watchguard Firewall.

MSM710 can ping outside.

Users connect to APs wirelessly, get a dynamic IP from the MSM710 and go out to the internet via the LAN port to Firewall connection.

The whole setup is on a VLAN set aside for wireless so that it doesn't touch our internal wired network.

I can connect, I can go through the HTML authentication for public access and get an IP, but every tracert ends at the VSC's gateway.


What am I doing wrong?

Who Me Too'd this topic