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EID_BPS_CHARGING Warning for StoreVirtual 4530

I have a StoreVirtual 4530 that received the following warning. Could I get some insight into this warning? These are new units. We installed two of them. Both of the devices had this error when installed. One cleared after a day of charging, and the second has not cleared in a week.


Event: EID_BPS_CHARGING E01020401
Severity: Warning
Component: HW
User: System
Object Type: Cache
Object Name: Cache 1
Message: The 'Cache 1' Backup Power Source (Capacitors) status is 'Charging'. The cache may be disabled during charging and performance may be degraded.



P.S. This thread has been moved from Disk Array to HP StoreVirtual Storage / LeftHand. - Hp Froum Moderator

Who Me Too'd this topic