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Multiple SSIDs with different VLAN

Hi all,


Im stuck in the middle of configuring MSM760 with this setup:


AP-----------A5800---------(LAN PORT)MSM760


-A5800 switches will act as dhcp server to give IPs for wifi client

-MSM760 LAN port is connected to A5800

-MSM460 AP is also connected to A5800

-3 Vlans used for 3 different SSIDS (VLAN 10,20,30)


I have created VSC profile and it can broadcast SSIDs but the wireless client cannot get the ip from DHCP server from A5800. My configuration so far:

-DHCP server is working fine with the wired client, but not for wireless.

-in MSM760, dhcp relay is enable where dhcp server ip is pointed to vlan interface in A5800 (not sure is it right or not)


Anyone could advise/guide me with the configuration of this particular item?

-A5800 port that connect to MSM760 

-MSM760 LAN port

-A5800 port that connect to Access Point






Who Me Too'd this topic