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Mike O.
Regular Advisor

Question about traffic between blades in same chassis when using VLAN tunneling

We have a number of HP blades in a C7000 chassis running VMWare.  We're using Virtual Connect for the connections to the upstream Cisco switches.


We have virtual connect set to use tunneling mode, so it passes the inbound VLAN traffic to the blade without change, and then have VMWare extract out the VLAN's to port groups.


If a blade needs to communicate with another blade in the same chassis, same VLAN, will the traffic stay within the enclosure, or will it have to go through the external switch since we're using VLAN tunnels?  I know in mapped mode, since virtual connect is reading the VLAN tags, it would be able to route it to the other blade without going outside the chassis, but I wasn't sure if tunnel mode did that.


Mike O.

Who Me Too'd this topic