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VoIP Phones not getting DHCP address from correct vlan

I am trying to add a V1910-24G switch to our existing HP Network.  My problem is that VoIP phones are not being added to the proper Vlan.


Existing Network is HP 5406ZL switches:

One DHCP Server on Vlan 1 with 2 scopes, one for Vlan 1 (PCs) and one for Vlan 35 (VoIP)

Vlan 35 has an IP Helper configured to point to the DHCP Server on Vlan 1

Ports are configurd Untagged for Vlan 1 and Tagged for Vlan 35

When a Phone is connected, it gets a Vlan 35 address.  When A PC is connected to that phone it gets a Vlan 1 address.


The V1910 switch has Vlan 35 created with an address assigned.

DHCP Relay is enabled for Vlan 35 and the address of our DHCP Server on Vlan 1 specified

I am using port 24 as my uplink (Untagged = Vlan 1, Tagged = Vlan 35, Link Type = Trunk)

The port it connects to is set (Untagged for Vlan 1, Tagged for Vlan 35)

Voice Vlan settings on the V1910 switch for all ports except 24 are (Security = Enabled, Vlan Port Mode = Enabled, Voice Vlan Port State = enabled, Vlan ID = 35)

Ports are configured Untagged for Vlan 1, and Tagged for Vlan 35, Link type = Hybrid

When I connect a Cisco phone I get a DHCP address from Vlan 1.


Any idea why?  Do I need to setup a special route for the DHCP relay between vlans? and if so, how?

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