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Jeff Davey
Occasional Contributor

HP IP and Server Console Switch G2 - cannot connect serial device (Oracle Solaris M4000)


We recently purchased an HP IP and Server Console Switch G2, and have been gradually getting it connected to all of our servers.  It has mostly gone successfully, but we're having some troubles with getting serial connections established to our Oracle Solaris M4000 servers.


The Oracle Solaris M4000 servers do not have a video out to connect with - rather, we need to connect to the XSCF serial port.


When connecting to this port using a laptop with hyperterm configured in such a way:

baud rate: 9600

Data: 8 bit

Parity: none

Stop: 1 bit

Flow Control: none

We are able to communicate with it just fine.


However - we have three M4000, and would like to connect to it via the HP IP and Server Console Switch G2 - that's the whole reason we purchased it!


To that end, we also procured a few "Serial Interface Adapter G2" components.  I plugged in the RJ-45 serial connector to the M4000 XSCF serial port, the power connector to a USB adapter and plugged that into an available USB port, and the RJ-45 connector to a CAT6 cable, which goes into one of the HP IP and Server Console Switch G2's port.


When I establish a serial session, I get a window that shows the following:


You are now connected to the target.



But, I cannot communicate with the device in any way; no keystrokes seem to have any effect.


Am I missing something in how a serial connection is supposed to be connected to the HP IP and Server Console Switch G2 device?  It doesn't seem to have a section to configure a serial connection with regards to baud rate, parity, etc., so I assume that it senses that kind of stuff automatically.  Am I wrong on that assumption?


I'd appreciate any insight/guidance on getting our Oracle Solaris M4000 servers connected - thank you!

Who Me Too'd this topic