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Migration EVA to 3PAR in VMWARE Esxi cluster with mixed vmfs and RDM environment

I have a situation where I need to migrate data from HP EVA P6550 to HP 3PAR 7200. 



Vmware 5.1 ESXi cluster with mixed VMFS and RDM (very less in number)


My Approch 


Planing to migrate VMFS datastore using storage vmotion.and RDM using online import from EVA to 3PAR.Can we do this way? 


My Doubt 


My inderstanding from guide for migrating online -:entire host need to be selected other wise migration will be offline if we select some vdisk only (like RDM luns only). Please clear these doubts. 


In other way ,Can I migrate only RDM presented VM using online import from EVA to 3PAR utility from CV .? 


also any special consideration for vmware Esxi hosts in cluster and san boot luns. Thanks in advance.

Who Me Too'd this topic