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OneView 2.0 - Adding enclosure stuck at 6Gb SAS switch


This is a brand new OneView 2.0 appliance on HV. We have (3) c7000 enclosures with Gen9 blades. The first 2 enclosures have a pair of 6Gb SAS switches in interconnect bays 5 and 6, and a pair of 6125XLG's in bay 1 and 2. The 3rd enclosure has VC 20/40 F8 modules in bays 1 and 2. Otherwise, all enclosures and Gen9's are identical, same OA version, iLO, etc.

It's been 4 hours since I attempted to add the enclosures to OneView. The 3rd enclosure was added in less than 3 minutes (no SAS switch in that), all fine there. The first 2 enclosures are still stuck at the "create" subtask for interconnect bay 6 (6Gb SAS switch). Interestingly, the SAS switch in bay 5 was added fine, but the operation is hanging at interconnect bay 6 (the 2nd SAS switch), for both enclosures. All SAS switches are on firmware 4.22, and management version

The OA is on firmware 4.40, the Gen9's are on iLO 2.30. I can't abort/cancel this operation, I think it will never complete. I am only trying to add the enclosures for monitoring purposes, not full management, if it makes a difference. Is this a known issue/bug? We really like to move forward with OneView, as we have hundreds of enclosures altogether, but these things scare me.


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