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Cannot get DHCP Relay to work on HP5130

Hi all,

I've got 4 HP5130 switches and i've setup a VLAN30 on them and on the VLAN i've tagged in VLAN1 as well (i think) and i've set a management IP on VLAN30 of and gone to the DHCP options and enabled DHCP Relay and pointed it to a Windows Server on VLAN1 (the native VLAN) which is on   (both are on subent but i cannot pick up a DHCP IP when i tag a device (such as my laptop) as VLAN30 ? If i simply plug into one of the ports that has VLAN30 on it without an VLAN ID then i get the normal LAN DHCP IP of 192.168.2.x

It seems like it should just work but i can't figure out why not ?

These are the first HP switches we've had so it's slightly new to me.

Thanks in advance

Who Me Too'd this topic