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HP System Event Notifier did not notify me of a failed hard drive

Have a Proliant ML360 G6 that experienced a failed drive in a RAID array two days ago.  System Event Notifier is installed and setup, yet it never notified me about the failed drive.  I only knew about it when I walked into the data room and saw the amber light on the failed drive.

The logs show the failed drive, and the System Event Notifier service is running. I can send test notifications to my email and when I plugged in a USB drive to do some immediate backup, the Event Notifier sent me notification that a USB device was plugged in.  Yet it never notified me of the failed drive.  What should I look for as to the cause of this?  All events in System Event Notifier setup are selected.

The array is rebuilding right now, it'll be interesting to see if I get a notification once the array is back to 100%.


Who Me Too'd this topic