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changing ILO IP Address

So we recently had some servers which we built at site 1, but we've sinced move them to site 2. The problem being we don't have teh same IP range, so we manually changed the iLO IP's and connected them up at site 2.


Maybe stupid of me, but i thought i would be able to just add the new ip in oneview, but when i do this, it tells me that server is already in oneview, which is correct. I can't see an option in oneview to edit the existing record in oneview and give it the correct address. So i tried removing server hardware on one view. It tells me i can't because it has a profile. so i tried to remove that and it fails because it can't talk to the old IP. So i removed the server profile with the force option which has worked. So then I tried removing teh server hardware which it fails after 30 secconds with a Connot communicate with server hardware.  you then have to click remove in the activity to forceable remove it. 

Then i can re add it. 

So the question is, is there a simpilar way of just changing the IP address, if you haven't removed the iLO from oneview before changing its IP?


Who Me Too'd this topic