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Member Badges Launched

Happy Monday,

We are excited to share the plan we’ve been working on to make the community more fun and engaging by rewarding our members’ participation! 

Starting today, August 1st members will earn badges for activities - such as submitting great posts, giving and earning Kudos, accepting solutions and more.   Badges earned will be prominently displayed on your profile page for other members to see the contributions you make to the community.  

We are thrilled to unveil our first badge set in this post, to give you a sneak peek at how they will be displayed on the community.  And, you can expect to see even more new badges rolled-out over the next few months.

What badges will be introduced?

On August 1st, we are launching 15 new badges, 3 from each of the categories below as well as a ‘new member’ badge for those who join the community from August 1, 2016 onwards.



How will they appear on your profile?

The six most recently earned badges will display on your profile page, your latest one first.  All badges you have earned-to-date, as well as others you have not yet earned, will be displayed when you click the “view all” link.  Some badges that are not relevant to all - such as those earned by attending key HPE events - will only appear once you have earned them.

Earned badges will show the badge icon, title, date earned and how many members have unlocked the badge. Simply hover over a badge, and the description for that badge will display.


How will I know when I earn a badge?

You will be notified automatically via email to congratulate you on earning a new badge. Remember, you can change the frequency of these (and other) notifications, by navigating to your settings under 'My Subscriptions',  then to 'Notification Settings'. 

We have several more planned for the near future and we hope you like them.  As always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Thank you for participating in the Community


HPE Community Manager
Any personal opinions expressed are mine, and not official statements on behalf of Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Who Me Too'd this topic