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HP VC ssytem log: VCM-OA Communicaiton down

HI community,

We are using 2 HP C7000 enclosure in one of our produciton sites. Enclosures are operating in link-loss mode.

Each enclosure has 2 VC modules and the VC domain is formed by 4 VC mosules in two enclosures. 

OA firmware version is: 4.40

VC firmware version is: 4.45

In virtual connect system log we randomly experience VCM-OA communication down event.

I have removed DNS entries from EBIPA section for Interconnect bays. (since this was recommended by some of the community posts), but this didnt change the situation.

Detail of the error is like,

[VCD:enc1:1003:Critical] VCM-OA communication down
[ENC:enc1:2011:Critical] Enclosure state NO_COMM : Enclosure is no-comm, Previous: Enclosure state OK, Cause: Enclosure enc1 unable to communicate with OA.

As per my knowledge, VCM and OA shall try to communicate internally through enclosure back pane.

Can anyone please suggest the root cause and resolution please??




Who Me Too'd this topic