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Use Set-HPiLOIPv6NetworkSetting without restarting the iLO

I need to change the SNTP settings on an iLO with PowerShell.  To do this, I first need to use Set-HPiLOIPv6Networking to disable SNTP from IPv6.  Then I need to use Set-HPiLONetworking to configure the SNTP settings (because the iPv6 cmdlet does not include SNTP settings - only to disable it).

The problem is both of these cmdlets automatically restart the iLO after running.  So after disabling IPv6 SNTP, it restarts the iLO before you can run the IPv4 cmdlets to set SNTP - and this makes scripting the whole process a pain.

Is there a way to supress the restart of the iLO in the IPv6 cmdlet?  I looked throught the help for it and I dont see anything, but maybe I am missing something.



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