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Best option to migrate data between SAN arrays - mirroring, pvmove, or vgmove

We have a situation where we need to vacate a failing SAN and move all our data to a new SAN.  OS version 11.31, servers in a ServiceGuard cluster.

I'm trying to determine what would be the best approach to move to the new SAN taking safety, speed, and efficiency into account.  We need to keep the application online and realize there will be some performance impact during the data migration.  There is a total of 2.8 TB across 26 LUNs to migrate.  Initially, we were thinking to mirror each of the LUNs to the new SAN, then break the mirror and remove the LUNs from the failing SAN.  After further investigation, it seems like pvmove or vgmove may be a better approach.

We are a team of experienced Unix Admins, but extremely limited exposure to HP-UX.  I appreciate all feedback about the question, and certainly experiences others have had with potential troubles.

Thanks in advance!

Who Me Too'd this topic