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P840 Controller: Cache Status Details: Cable Error

Please show me the issue log :

#hpssacli ctrl all show detail

Smart Array P840 in Slot 1
Bus Interface: PCI
Slot: 1
Serial Number: PDNNF0ARH8C0KW
Cache Serial Number: PDNMD0BRH8C1JT
RAID 6 (ADG) Status: Enabled
Controller Status: OK
Hardware Revision: B
Firmware Version: 4.52
Rebuild Priority: High
Expand Priority: Medium
Surface Scan Delay: 3 secs
Surface Scan Mode: Idle
Parallel Surface Scan Supported: Yes
Current Parallel Surface Scan Count: 1
Max Parallel Surface Scan Count: 16
Queue Depth: Automatic
Monitor and Performance Delay: 60 min
Elevator Sort: Enabled
Degraded Performance Optimization: Disabled
Inconsistency Repair Policy: Disabled
Wait for Cache Room: Disabled
Surface Analysis Inconsistency Notification: Disabled
Post Prompt Timeout: 15 secs
Cache Board Present: True
Cache Status: Permanently Disabled
Cache Status Details: Cable Error
Cache Ratio: 10% Read / 90% Write
Drive Write Cache: Disabled
Total Cache Size: 4.0 GB
Total Cache Memory Available: 3.8 GB
No-Battery Write Cache: Disabled
SSD Caching RAID5 WriteBack Enabled: True
SSD Caching Version: 2
Battery/Capacitor Count: 0
SATA NCQ Supported: True
Spare Activation Mode: Activate on physical drive failure (default)
Controller Temperature (C): 65
Cache Module Temperature (C): 51
Number of Ports: 2 Internal only
Encryption: Disabled
Express Local Encryption: False
Driver Name: hpsa
Driver Version: 3.4.4
Driver Supports HP SSD Smart Path: True
PCI Address (Domain:Bus:Device.Function): 0000:08:00.0
Negotiated PCIe Data Rate: PCIe 3.0 x8 (7880 MB/s)
Controller Mode: SmartArray
Controller Mode Reboot: Not Required
Latency Scheduler Setting: Disabled
Current Power Mode: MaxPerformance

Who Me Too'd this topic