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DL360p Gen8 Fans noisy 94% speed after firmware update


I have 2 of DL360p's that have both been sitting in an aircon server cabinet for about 5 years. One of them started giving the PSOD so I upgraded firmware, ilo and vmware, and sicnce then it's been great.

I just did exactly the same with the other Gen8, even using the same media (I did it from the SPP image -

  Service Pack for ProLiant 2017.04.0)

Now just on this server, once it's run through the BIOS settings, as soon as it boots into *either* vmware or for example intelligent provisioning (ie. after the double beep) the fans run to 94% and it is incredibly noisy. So the only change is new firmware. What I've tried changing:
Power settings
Fan settings - set to optimal cooling

Note the fans in the matching server in the same cabinet are at 19% as expected. in iLO all the temperature readings are showing normal as per the other server.

The only other thing to add is that since this upgrade, Bios and iLO complain about non-HP disks, which it didn't before. I can't imagine that has made the difference.......

So it isn't really likely to be something that just broke as I did the upgrade - has this happened to anyone else and what was the fix?


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