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Problem installing Microsoft KB hotfix needed before 3PAR upgrade



We're in the process of planning a OS upgrade on our 3PAR SAN. I have been sent a "HPE 3PAR OS Upgrade Preparation Guide" listing the pre-upgrade checks needed to be done before the upgrade.

Among other things there is a list of recommended Microsoft KB's which needs to be installed before the upgrade on the Windows hosts to avoid any post-upgrade problems.

For Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 KB2754704 and KB2821052 is listed as neede. The hotfix for KB2754704 installs without any problem but the hotfix for KB2821052 tells me that it is "Not applicable" for two of our servers.

I have of course checked that it has not already been installed using the command "dism /online /get-packages | findstr KB2821052" which returns nothing which means that the KB is not installed.

Anyone here that have experienced a similar problem?

It could be that the KB has been superceded by another KB, but I can't find any information indicating that.

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Who Me Too'd this topic