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Remote support is unable to connect to HPE

EDIT - As of 8/17/2017 at around 8:45 am CST this appears to have been resolved, at least for myself. My alerts have cleared and I am able to edit my Remote Support Configuration Settings. My assumption is that at this point HPE has resolved the connection issue. I will get confirmation from my case that I have logged.


Just wanted to start a thread to discuss an issue I am seeing, and see if anyone else is experiencing this as well. I am posting within the OneView forum as that is where I am currently seeing this issue, but it may well also affect individuals using an IRS appliance.

From what I gather yesterday HPE did some maintenence, during which they switched IPs for the alias api.support.hpe.com. OneView communicates back to HPE by reaching out over port 443 to the alias I just mentioned.

At approximately the same time as this maintenence occured, all of my OneView appliances that are configured for Remote Support lost connection to HPE. I have an alert that 'Remote support is unable to connect to HPE' and I am unable to edit any of the configurations due to the appliance being unable to communicate with HPE.

I had been troubleshooting this from the viewpoint that there was an issue within my environment, most likely with the firewall. I have also logged a support case with HPE and have been working with them since yesterday. With no success in any troubleshooting today, it may be looking like a larger issue that others are possible experiencing as well.

Obviously HPE is working my support case, and I assume the IRS/Insight Online group is researching as well, I just wanted to kick a thread off in the forum to both A) Confirm that its not just me having a problem here and B) If there are others experiencing the issue, to let them know that it's not just them having a problem!




Who Me Too'd this topic