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drd changing a cloned disk to become an original disk

Hi all,

Have a question here please. Running on HPUX B.11.31, I have just used drd to clone a HPVM client. It was successful and now I can boot from either the primary disk or the clone disk. So far so good.

Now I want to permanently make the clone disk the primary disk, then drop the old (original) disk.

Is it possible to do this? It seems that the OS always considers the cloned disk as such. drd doesn't seem to have an option to change the cloned disk to become the primary disk.

Output from drd status below. I want to permanently drop disk2, and make disk15 the only boot disk from now on.

/> # drd status

=======  10/11/17 14:55:00 SST  BEGIN Displaying DRD Clone Image Information (user=root)

       * Clone Disk:               /dev/disk/disk15
       * Clone EFI Partition:      AUTO file present, Boot loader present
       * Clone Rehost Status:      SYSINFO.TXT not present
       * Clone Creation Date:      10/11/17 09:31:01 SST
       * Last Sync Date:           None
       * Clone Mirror Disk:        None
       * Mirror EFI Partition:     None
       * Original Disk:            /dev/disk/disk2
       * Original EFI Partition:   AUTO file present, Boot loader present
       * Original Rehost Status:   SYSINFO.TXT not present
       * Booted Disk:              Clone Disk (/dev/disk/disk15)
       * Activated Disk:           Clone Disk (/dev/disk/disk15)

=======  10/11/17 14:55:16 SST  END Displaying DRD Clone Image Information succeeded. (user=root)



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