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How to stop "Server power outage detected." critical events when a server is restarted

We are restarting houndreds of servers every night to make sure everything works when they are restarted during windows updates, and in OneView this generate a "Server power outage detected." critical error on the servers.

How do I sto this events from generating? We are using another monitoring solutions to monitor when a server is down and we do not need the server to be in a "critical" state in oneview at every restart. It takes time to clear all the events every day, and I have to clear them to see what servers that actually need attension. 
I have done this every day for the past month now and I have to say that I'm starting to get tired of it.. 

I know I can filter them out in the activity feed, but the server state still shows up as Critical at the dashboard.


Who Me Too'd this topic