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DL360p gen8 STOP: 0x00000080 Uncorrectable PCI Express Error, NMI Hardware Failure

Hi All,

We have 2 DL360p Gen8 servers, both have 2xCPU E5-2630L and 32GB RAM (8x4GB Genuine HP memory), SA420i with 1GB cache.

Installed Windows 2016, updated FW to the latest, installed drivers from the latest SPP

Both servers crash with:

Uncorrectable PCI Express Error (Embedded device, Bus 0, Device 28, Function 7, Error status 0x00100000)

STOP: 0x00000080 (0x00000000004F4454, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000))

I read some troubleshooting steps already and did the following:

Set the memory refresh to Auto
Set Power Mode to static high peformance/disable C6
Removed PCI Raiser Board
Removed SA cache module

NOTHING helps.

Server 1 was configured as AD everything was going fine and all of a sudden after another reboot it refuses to come up.  It just doesn't want to boot to OS, period. Crashes every time Windows starts loading.

Server 2 just crashed upon restart but is booting up on the second try. I'm afraid it will start crashing all the time as well.

Attached is the screenshoot with IML.

Please help, I'm going insane...

Who Me Too'd this topic