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HP simulator for switching and routing labs (HP team please help)


I can see few similar questions but found no good answer to it. Its really hard for Network guys to work without simulation. Cisco has provided good platform like packer tracer and then GNS3 is excellent for Network guys. 

From last few days I am searching google to get some info to simulate HP router/switch to test vlan routing vrf lite and those kind of things but didnt find anything. 

I found hp 1000v is available in GNS3 but no other configuration or settings is available to configure it. Even the download link on HP site is not available.

Big request to HP team to provide some virtual platform for testing. I am kind of giving up with HP because I am excited to work on its new product as always used to work on Cisco but not finding anything to simulate is not fun for engineers. Building labs is dream work for Engineers and then deploying them in real world is success story.


HP team Please help.



Who Me Too'd this topic