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Smart Array P420i "could not be authenticated as a genuine HPE drive"

We have run into an issue a couple of times now with Gen8 servers claiming that drives could not be authenticated as a HPE drive. This is causing us issues beceause it is throwing off our RAID status monitoring.

The problem is we have matching drives that don't cause this warning flag. For example:

  • Bay 14 HP EG0450FBDSQ (HPD6) *Not Authenticated*
  • Bay 16 HP EG0450FBDSQ (HPD6) *Not Authenticated*
  • Bay 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17 HP EG0450FBDSQ  (HPD6) *Authenticated

So how come only two drives out of my 10 drives are an issue?

There are some things to point out:

  • Three drives are on Port 2l and two of them are the ones reporting this issue
  • Firmware of the P420i is 8.32 with 1024MiB module size and a valid battery 
  • This is a Gen8 25 bay server (starting with Gen8 you don't use the separate SAS expander)
Who Me Too'd this topic