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Who's testing HPEiLOCmdlets before release


Sorry for the sarcastic title ... but I have really the impression that nobody tested this module at HPE before releasing it.

We are trying to use this module to configure the iLO of our DL 380 Gen 9, and here are some findings :


-IncludeiLOIP' parameter gives errors if you specify it, no matter what syntax.

does not use the value of ‘-City', regardless of how you specify it. Should place it into '<CSR_Locality>' inside the XML it sends, but there's no such field in the raw request being sent.


resubmits new CSR generation with default parameters. It does not simply retrieve the previously generated CSR (with parameters specified by 'Start-HPEiLOCertificateSigningRequest').

You *can* however see the correct CSR if you retry 'Start-HPEiLOCertificateSigningRequest' with '-OutputType RawResponse'.


-SNTPServer’ parameter does not work as advertise in the example when it’s a table @(“”,””)  WARNING: Number of parameter values greater than number of targets. Ignoring extra parameter values.

The XML it sends only as <SNTP_SERVER1> it should normal process the table and send also  <SNTP_SERVER2>


Again the -DNSServer and -DNSType when these are table are not treated as by the example … didn’t find a way to set multiple value 


 and I stopped the testing / debugging there.

Am I the only one ? Is somebody able to help ?

Who Me Too'd this topic