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Issues with 488069-B21 (Optional HP TPM Module) and Update KB4494440

Hi all,

this morning I've installed the Latest Windows Server 2016 Updates on my HP Microserver Gen8 (HP G8 360DL Performance same issue here) - which is protected by the Optional HP TPM Module 488069-B21.

From this installation on I had issues using the TPM Chip to unlock my Boot Disk.

I've documented some details here on Technet:

Maybe you have something in your databases and could give me the right hint on what I am missing as of today to get it working again.



0.pngTPM Startup Pin Prompt1.pngStarting Automatic Repair2.png0xc02100004.pngBitlocker Recovery Key Prompt7.pngTroubleshoot menu

Who Me Too'd this topic