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OmniStack 3.7.9 interoperability with vSphere 6.7U2 ?

According to the HPE TekTalk for OmniStack 3.7.9 it comes with support for vSpehre 6.7U2.

The same is stated in the Q&A for HPE Product Update: Discover Announcements Webinar

Q: Hi, This is available with ProLiant DL and Nimble now. Not Synergy.

Is really VMware 6,7 U2 supported for 3.7.9 ??

A: Yes, it is supported
However when checking the OmniStack 3.7.9 Interoperabiltiy guide.
It says vSphere 6.7U1 / vCenter 6.7U1b
So, what is the truth here ?
I am about to upgrade a couple of customers and if really supported I will go with 6.7U2. But I need to have a confirmation from someone who really knows. 
Anyone who have upgraded to 3.7.9 with vSphere 6.7U2 / vCenter 6.7U2
Thx / Tony
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