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How to update firmware on Gen10 ESXi hosts with Oneview properly?

Hello dear colleagues,

I have some new Gen10 ESXi hosts and cannot figure out, how to perform online firmware update with OneView. I feel like a dummy but I really don't know, what should be the correct procedure here. 

Environment: Oneview 5. ESXi 6.7U2 host on Gen10 hardware, installed from HPE vmware ISO (VMware-ESXi-6.7.0-Update2-13006603-HPE-Gen9plus-670.U2.

What I did:

- Installed ESXi, joined vCenter, setup networking etc etc.

- Oneview - Set up a server profile with firmware baseline 2019-09 and "Firmware and OS drivers using Smart update tools" option for the host. This caused an error:

"Firmware and drivers update using Smart Update Tools cannot be done with the selected SPP and the Smart Update Tools version detected on the server XYZ.
Install Smart Update Tools version or newer and retry the firmware update by selecting an SPP that contains a Smart Update Manager (SUM) version of 8.4.0 or newer"

- Someone advised I have to upload and install SUT package on the server via esxcli software vib install sut-esxi6.7-offline-bundle-, which I did (+host reboot). Then I configured the SUT to AutoDeploy mode and set a staging directory to VMFS volume with enough space.

- Updated the server profile in Oneview to trigger firmware deployment again and it started doing something! Status in OV changed to Staging, then later to Installed pending reboot. Great news.
- I rebooted the host (it was in Maintenance all the time) - and nothing happened. The message was still Pending reboot, sut /status reports:
User Action Needed......................: Reboot the system or execute -activate command to complete the system reboot.
All packages in Inventory report have State: Complete.

- Did second reboot just in case - no change. Issuing sut -activate will respond with

"Reboot detected. Use -verify command to move the state to activated".

sut -verify appears to hang and probably is not doing anything, while status in Oneview remains Installed pending reboot.


Can anyone help me here, what should be the correct procedure? This should be a pretty straightforward and common operation, yet I can't get it to work and HPE documentation and KB are not helpful


Who Me Too'd this topic