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Ethernet NIC order during discovery


I'm building a two node cluster and noticed the Eth NIC order is different between the two nodes - what causes this?

The first node as this order - which is what I would expect:

Correct order up.JPG



The second node has this order - notice how Eth3 is one of the 10Gbe ports on this node and the last of the 1Gbe ports is now Eth 4.

incorrect order up.JPG



The issue is that VMware will name these from vmnic0 to vmnic5 in the order they appear (lowest PCI bus etc) so once deployed these  will have inconsistent vmnic names which, although technically not a problem, isn't as straight forward to manage if you want the same physical NICs to have the same VMware vmnic identifyers across both nodes in the cluster.

What do I need to do to ensure that the NICs are consistent as the 1Gbe ports should always be Eth0 through to Eth3 shouldn't they with the 10Gbe ports as Eth 4 & 5?

Thanks in advance

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