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iLO webpage seems to fail to load at time, iLO reset fixes it


Does anyone else get this. I seem to get it on quite a few differnet versions of iLO, so i can't see a trend, but basically the iLO for one server will work one day, and then i'll see an error in OneView saying unsable to commniucate with server. And when i try to load the web page, i get nothing is displayed. 

I've found I can 99% of the time putty to the iLO, and from there i can do a cd /Map1 and then reset.

This normally makes ther server connect to oneview again and the webpage now loads as well.

Ideally i'd like not having to do this too otfen, any ideas why this is failing? I've not seen others complain about this, so it makes me wonder if its something on my network that could cause the webpage part of the iLO to fail


Who Me Too'd this topic