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IPsec problem

Regular Advisor

Re: IPsec problem

I've tried it. I have strange feeling that with GRE it might be the same as with ipsec - only for traffic generated by the switches.

Now why I think that. When pinging and RDPing from machine on LANA to machine on LANB, so user traffic, I can't see statistics on tunnel interface being populated at all...but when pinging from switchA to switchB statistics on the tunnel increase.

I haven't found anything on that in guides for 3600 so far


Re: IPsec problem

So, did i get you right - host form LAN-A can ping host in LAN-B, but the statistics on the tunnel doesn't increase? Do you have the route pointing on switch A to LAN B on your tunnel interface or physical one?

Valued Contributor

Re: IPsec problem

Did you ever get this IPsec tunnel to come up.

I'm in a similar position, as I need IPsec between 2 x 5510HI switches and I'm seeing the following text in the configuraton guide:

"ACLs for IPsec take effect only on traffic that is generated by the device and traffic that is destined for
the device."