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Associating XenServer host with guest VM

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Associating XenServer host with guest VM

Good day Everybody!

Got a little problem here.

I am running HP Proliant DL360 G5 server and XenServer 5.6 on it with Windows server 2008 virtual machines.
Installed HP SIM and ran the system discovery. I got minor error:
         The discovered VM guest is not associated with the VM host. Verify
          that the supported HP Insight Management Agents or WBEM providers
          are installed on the host, and verify that the host has been
          discovered. For an association between Citrix XenServer host and
          its virtual machines, the HP Insight Control virtual machine
          management (VMM) software must be installed and the VM Host must be
          registered in VMM.

I have installed HP agents for Citrix XenServer on a XenServer. What do i need to do, to associate VM guest with VM host?

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Re: Associating XenServer host with guest VM



Like the error states, you have to register the host inside the VMM context... In the SIM menu (I think it is under Configure - cannot test it since I don't have a SIM with me here to test) under VMM U can select the host and then register it as VM host...


Once that is done SIM will recognize also the VMs running on it... U well see also a (I hope for you) green bullet in the mail server list under VMM besides the typical bullets of HW, SW, MP etc...





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Re: Associating XenServer host with guest VM


Finds out i did not understand that error message correctly. I have to solve problem not in a VMM. The problem exists in a xenserver that runs on hw directly.

Thank you for your answers anyway.