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Can't install HP Insight Management Agents 2008 R2


Can't install HP Insight Management Agents 2008 R2



i'm not able to install HP insight management Agents for Windows 2008 R2 SP1 (Server Core).

Proliant Support Pack claims for failed dependencies



I've tried to install all suggest Controller drivers above, no one of them worked.

- The first one doesn't exist on 2008 R2. Only for 2003 and prior systems.

- The second one is not compatible with 2008 R2. I tried with compatibility mode like some users are doing to bypass the restriction (see

In compatibility mode from command line, it says "Setup is unable to load a setup dll". Great !


Without compatibility "The software is not supported for installation on this system".


I need this agents so i can select SNMP as a data source in HP SMH



Thanks for your help.