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Design - HP SIM infra

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Design - HP SIM infra

Hi Implementers,


I got a requirement to setup HP SIM for harware monitoring of our HP & Non-HP devices in our infra.


Can anyone with prior experience in setting up a fresh HP SIM deployment gives some pointers here to move further.



Any help wud be appreciated!!





Re: Design - HP SIM infra



what kind of guideance are you looking for? Sizing of servers, howto setup all iLO/SM/VCEM stuff? 


Well, if you have less then 1000 systems you'll be fine with one SIM-server. But you better make it a physical and dedicated server. Physical since HP only support it running the Remote Support service and dedicated due to the fact that it fanatically eats all RAM.


The database server should be powerful enough to run any data collections and reports, we have a virtual server with 2vCPU's and 6GB of RAM and it also runs databases for a couple of other infra systems fine.


Have multiple physical sites/datacenters? There might be a good idea to setup multiple servers and federation according to HP, we use a single server since our network infrastructure is based around a simple/flat Layer-2 network.


But then again, exactly what kind of guideance are you looking for? Please describe your environment briefly and somebody might answer with some more information.




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Re: Design - HP SIM infra

Thanks Johannes for acknowledgement



We have both HP & Non-HP hardware on cross platforms (Windows/Non-Windows) in multiple sites (500+)



We need to monitor all this hardware using HP SIM. Also, we want to use IRS / IRSA functionalty


Ground work:

Aware of Installation & Configuration guides

Hardware & no. of HP SIM instances is not an issue with us



How should we proceed? Best approach? Best Plan? Things to consider while planning for multiple HP SIM instances? Any dependancy?

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Re: Design - HP SIM infra

JN, all I can tell you is that we have 1 SIM instance for 400+ sites and have a varied environment as you do, with IRSA enabled. We have HP, Dell, and soon IBM and Fujitsu servers in SIM.

We have IRSA set up and working for HP hardware and I currently have myself as the main contact so we can test how things work. So far I have been somewhat satisfied.

I can't comment on the need for multiple instances, but I am not 100% sure you will need more than one. If you plan to stick with the basics of the Insight line of products you are likely OK with 1 instance. I know HP recommends a separate CMS for things like Cloud Matrix (or whatever they are calling it now) but from what you described i think you will be OK. I don't know how many servers you have, however.

Your main issue will likely be the robustness of your SQL backend and setting up tasks to keep events down so you don't end up with a million events in short order.