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ESXi 5.x test events/no events/strange WBEM behavior

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ESXi 5.x test events/no events/strange WBEM behavior

I am still testing proper WBEM events with ESXi 5.1 machines.  The machines all discover just fine, WBEM subscribes, OK, etc, but no events seem to be coming in.  I tried the hptestevent utility and I don't see anything.  I can see hardware status, WBEM checks out fine, the WBEM credentials are correct as well.


I'm concerned that my ESXi 5.1 servers aren't sending events.  I know there are existing issues since vCenter shows them, however the events tab is empty.  The only way I have been able to get the events to work is through SNMP passthru from the iLO, which isn't the intended method to monitor ESXi servers and i'd rather not do that since it takes a great deal more effort to configure iLOs even with scripts.  I did not have to do this with ESXi 4 servers at all.


I have removed/re-discovered some test servers a few times.  I have also noticed some strange behavior during discoveries.  Before the iLO is associated with the host, the URLs for any hardware status item is the normal CIM provider status page.  Once the iLO is paired up with the server (about 5 minutes after discovery), all the URLs in HW status changes to the iLO's address and I can no longer get to the CIM status page.  I suspect this has something to do with my original issue but i can't figure it out.


We are using the latest (02/18/14) HP image + offline bundle (complete bundle) for ESXi 5.x