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Hardware monitoring ALL steps

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Hardware monitoring ALL steps

Can anyone help me in understanding ALL the steps involved to get a server/device successfully under HP SIM monitoring so that if something related to hardware goes wrong on that server/device i should get an alert on HP SIM console



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Re: Hardware monitoring ALL steps

Have you read any of the deployment/admin guides?   It's too much to go over in a quick reply.  




- Understand the requirements of HP agents on every hardware platform you want to monitor (ESXi, Windows, Linux, etc)

- Understand the protocols you want to use for each of those platforms (SNMP, WBEM, SSH, WS-MAN, etc)

- Understand the security requirements (network ports, user accounts if needed, based on the protocols you want to use)

- Understand the requirements for discoveries (agents, SMH, protocols in use, whether to use global/system credentials)

- If using non-HP devices, understand how to add custom MIBs to SIM (sometimes provided by other vendors)


You really need to figure this out before you start adding stuff into SIM.  It will make your deployment much easier if you have everything in line with your strategy first, especially if you have a mixed environment and a lot of devices.


The basic flow is:


- Agents/iLO => SMH/SIM via some data source (SNMP or WBEM for example)

- Events are generated from iLO/Agents and sent to the SMH and SIM via some protocol (again, SNMP or WBEM for example)


The above varies per platform.  ESXi uses WBEM only, Windows can use SNMP/WBEM or both (not recommended) - again  you need to figure this out before starting your deployment.  The guides are fairly clear on all this...