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HP sim 5.3.1 - 6.0 migration

Occasional Advisor

HP sim 5.3.1 - 6.0 migration

First off the mxexport.bat script contain a small bug...

The line:

java -Dora.home=%ORA_HOME% -cp %MYPT% mxexport %*

should call the java variable like this:

"%java%" -Dora.home=%ORA_HOME% -cp %MYPT% mxexport %*


My problem presently is that the export does not succeed, I get the following error:

Warning! Plugin hpsim encountered problems during export. Its data is not exported.

Exporting data..

Error occurred while exporting data. Export failed.

My questions:
1. Does anyone have any insights into what might have gone wrong...?
2. Is it possible to add any type of verbose logging / view a migration logfile?

Best regards,

Michael Pultz-Hansen
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP sim 5.3.1 - 6.0 migration

This ManPage tells how to enable logs for migration. The logs will give you an insight as to what the problem might have been.