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HPSIM-5.3 - "Initial PSP install"-tool -Scalability

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HPSIM-5.3 - "Initial PSP install"-tool -Scalability


I am trying to use "Initial PSP install"-tool for updating the following components for 100+ servers:

- HP Management Agents for WIN 2003/2008
- HP System Home Page
- HP Management Log viewer.
- iLO Controll driver
- For the iLO component I have included both for iLO and iLO2, as it is my understanding that the installation will exclude the one which is right for a particular system(?).

I have earlier used to tool against 13 terminalservers with success. Yesterday I had roll out several others servers. I started testing on 5 servers, the job started, had the status "Running" for 2 hours. If I go against one server the installation takes 10 minutes.

Question is why does it hang? Is it possible to run this tool against several servers? Are there anything I should look for on target servers in terms of reasons for hangin? Are there any other good way to run these installs, Microsoft SMS etc? Any advice will be greatly appreciated( and awarded with points?